The primary needs of mankind are food and shelter; the Branford Food Pantry (BFP) addresses that first need—food. The mission of the BFP is to provide groceries for families in need. We will find a way to help you.

Please read "How to get food " to find out how to qualify for  groceries from the BFP  __________________________________________________

Holiday Baskets

The Branford Food Pantry is again planning to provide turkeys and groceries to needy families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We thank the community for their continual support and we have received a sufficient number of turkeys to provide families for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

We know from experience and recipient comments that many would not be able to celebrate a traditional holiday without our help. Times are tough for many families.

Our client base is growing, in spite of the improved economy, as many people grow older.

If you, or your business, can help with either a cash donation or items from our shopping lists it would be terrific.

Donations can be dropped off at the Food Pantry, at 30 Harrison Ave, Branford, on Tuesdays or Fridays between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m.  If you have a large quantity or a problem call Jay Webb, 203-215-3533

 Need help for the holidays?

Branford families who are experiencing financial stress and could use some help, the Food Pantry can provide a turkey and associated groceries for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. You must be home to receive the food by delivery.

Call the Food Pantry holiday line: 203-315-8251

For Christmas: call after Dec. 1 and before Dec. 14 (delivery on the 20th)


Major Recent Donations

The Branford Police collected 165 turkeys and lots of groceries at a recent drive at Big-Y for “Give A Cop The Bird” to benefit the Branford Food Pantry.  

In addition, ReMax Alliance collected 150 turkeys and groceries to benefit the Branford Food Pantry.

Turkeys and groceries are distributed to needy families for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Bob Burns, of the Branford Food Pantry, collected over 1,200 pounds of donated food at Stop & Shop to benefit the Pantry’s effort to provide turkeys and groceries to needy families for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Snacks for Kids

  Each week families will receive a bag containing 5 snack items for each child to take to school.  Please help to support this new effort by donating the following:  pudding/jello cups; fruit cups; raisins (small boxes); cereal/granola bars; small bags of chips/cookies/pretzels; snack crackers;  NO NUTS OR PEANUT PRODUCTS.  Thanks for your help in this effort.  


Ongoing Need

  The Branford Food Pantry has a constant need for routine items such as cereal, peanut butter, soup, stew and coffee.  Please consider sponsoring a drive to collect these items.


About the Branford Food Pantry

  The Branford Food Pantry serves the Town of Branford by providing weekly groceries to families in need, and full turkey dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

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