About Us

The BFP (formerly Branford Food Council) was started by Branford churches in 1978 and those churches play an important, but not exclusive, role in the current operation. The Food Pantry is a 100% volunteer effort and is an IRS tax exempt 501(c)3 corporation.

Key Statistics for 2016-17

  • Helped an average of 179 families  (about 500 people) per month and over 250 different families for the year.
  • Distributed an average of 15,035 pounds of food per month and 185,400 pounds for the year.
  • Provided 118,000 subsistence meals for the year.
  • Provided complete turkey dinners, for Thanksgiving and Christmas, to about 218 families.
  • Gave out 4,494 dozen eggs and 15,500 lbs backery products.

Operational Highlights

  • We address the primary need of mankind- food.
  • We supply groceries for the whole family to be eaten at home.
  • We are 100% volunteer so no funds are used for salaries. We are highly efficient in the use of funds.
  • We engage several stores in providing quantity discounts or surplus food and encourage teams, organizations and businesses to run food drives for our benefit.
  • We oversee, assist and act as fiduciary for the Feed Branford Kids program.
  • We are a member of the Connecticut Food Bank and receive about 50% of our supplies from them free or at deep discounts.
  • The amount of food distributed is substantial and makes a difference. For example, a family of four is entitled to about 60 pounds of food a week.
  • People can count on us; we have been in operation since 1978.
  • Even in these tough times, nobody has been turned away and the amount of food per family has not been reduced.
BFD Food Pantry 2

There has always been a struggle to obtain enough food but the need is particularly acute now because the national supply reaching food banks has been reduced and the economy has driven more families to our door. We rely of the Connecticut Food Bank to supply a significant portion of our food. Since 2005, the number of families served has grown while food from the Food Bank has decreased leading to an increasing gap for food that must be provided by the community via cash and food donations.

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