The Branford Food Pantry now accepts donations via PayPal.

Cash donations are welcome

The stock market is booming, income is up, unemployment is down, the country is optimistic…. but that is not true for our clients. Every day we see people who are not employable, the elderly living on Social Security, single moms, the disabled, the mentally challenged, the ill and the working poor. They all seek help to make it from day to day; help from us might mean they can pay their power bills.

Ten years ago we served 113 different families a month and last year it was 185; lately it has been about 198. We are serving 500 client visits a month and they receive an average of 37 pounds of food per visit. It is scaled by family size and clients can  receive food weekly.

This year we initiated the purchase of fresh produce to supplement donations so that the best nutrition is provided. And this summer we provided special BBQ foods near the end of each month when food stamps are running low. This has an added cost of $1,000 per month but it has been very enthusiastically received.

The Branford Food Pantry is here for all who come to us for groceries to feed the family. Our mission is to provide groceries for families in need. We have never turned anyone down nor have we reduced what is allocated to each family. 

Importantly, we do this service with 100% volunteer help so every dollar goes into the program. That is highly efficient. Please help us to continue this critical service by making a donation as soon as you can. Thanks from all of us and for making Branford a better place to live.

THANK YOU!  Make checks payable to the Branford Food Pantry and mail to 30 Harrison Ave., Branford, CT 06405

We need your continuing support as were are getting 1-2 new clients each week seeking assistance.

To donate food items  

Current Donation Schedule

If you would like to donate to The Branford Food Pantry, please drop off non-perishable food donations on Tuesday morning between 8:30 am -11:00 am, and Friday between 9:00 am -11:30 am. If you are unable to come at these times or have a large donation, please call 203-481-3663 to coordinate a convenient drop off.

Please contact A.J. Milici (203-627-3369 or to let us know about food drives that your organization is planning.   Please call 203-481-3663 to schedule to drop off items you have collected.

WEB Searches

Please use the GoodSearch page ( for all of your online searches.  Your WEB searching and shopping will result in cash donations to the Branford Food Pantry. 


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