We’re all living in a new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of the virus, we’ve have enrolled many new families and expect many more as the pandemic continues through the fall and winter. Every day we serve neighbors without jobs or who have reduced hours, the elderly living on Social Security, single parents, people with disabilities, and the working poor. They all seek help to make it from day to day; help that might enable them to pay their rent or heating bill, or simply have a nutritious meal. The mission of the Branford Food Pantry is to provide groceries for families in need. 

Please read "How to get food " to find out how to qualify for  groceries from the BFP 


The Branford Food Pantry is having a critical shortage of small turkeys for the holiday baskets. Please help if you can.


The Branford Food Pantry is happy to provide a turkey and groceries for a complete Thanksgiving meal to all Branford families who need a little extra help.

How to order your Thanksgiving Basket

• Current clients can order a basket during their next visit to the Branford Food Pantry


• Call (203) 315-8251 or email branfordfoodpantry30@gmail.com BEGINNING November 2, 2020, and BY November 20, 2020; and leave your full name, address, and phone number. Home delivery is only for those who are homebound or currently on the Branford Food Pantry delivery list. If you are homebound, please indicate that you need home delivery.

How to get your Thanksgiving Basket

• Thanksgiving groceries must be picked up on Tuesday, November 24, between 9:30am and Noon.

• If you are homebound and requested a basket be delivered, someone must be home. If you can’t be home, call the Food Pantry at (203) 481-3663 to pick up or make arrangements for a friend or neighbor to receive your food.

Note: Non-registered clients must provide proof of residency.

If you or your business would like to help with our holiday dinners:

• Send a check made out to the Branford Food Pantry to 30 Harrison Ave., Branford, CT 06405, or donate on Donations page. 

• Drop off turkeys at our site Tuesday or Friday morning between 8:30am-11:00am right up to December 18. If you have a large donation, call Jay Webb at 203-215-3533 to make special arrangements


The Branford Food Pantry is now accepting cash donations via PayPal on our donations page.


Snacks for Kids

  Each week families will receive a bag containing 5 snack items for each child to take to school.  Please help to support this new effort by donating the following:  pudding/jello cups; fruit cups; raisins (small boxes); cereal/granola bars; small bags of chips/cookies/pretzels; snack crackers;  NO NUTS OR PEANUT PRODUCTS.  Thanks for your help in this effort.  


Ongoing Need

  The Branford Food Pantry has a constant need for routine items such as cereal, peanut butter, soup, stew and coffee.  Please consider sponsoring a drive to collect these items.


About the Branford Food Pantry

  The Branford Food Pantry serves the Town of Branford by providing weekly groceries to families in need, and full turkey dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

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